Friday, September 7, 2007

A Cal Poly grad Design Star?

And then there were two -- and Todd, our Cal Poly grad, is one of them.

Earlier in the season of HGTV's "Design Star," I was worried that Todd, while insanely creative, wouldn't have enough traditional design skills to make it far in the competition. (Read my take here.) But I was wrong.

Each week, he continued to collect more laurels from the judges, for his inventive design solutions and his infectious energy (the winner of the competition gets a show on the network so "hosting skills" are considered as well as design).

This Sunday, he faces off against Kim in the final challenge, and "America" gets to vote on the winner. So if you want to see more of Todd (who wouldn't!) and get the bragging rights of a local boy on HGTV, watch the final episode at 9 p.m. Sunday and vote!


Anonymous said...

HGTV Design Star Indiscretion?

Is Kim Myles ineligible to participate in Design Star? That is the question many are asking concerning this Final 2 contestant. Has something improper occurred or is it just a coincidence? You be the judge.

It was recently discovered that Design Star contestant Kim Myles is a personal friend of James Patrick Herman, Senior Entertainment Editor of InStyle magazine. Herman revealed on the InStyle blog, on July 20, 2007, at

"Kim is my friend and neighbor, .....She’s also my hairdresser, by the way...."

In this article, he references an earlier article mentioning Myles from November 2006, which suggests they were friends long before the taping began of Design Star Season 2.

Why is this important? According to the Eligibility Rules for participating in Design Star,

"...any applicant closely acquainted with any person connected with the production or administration or exhibition of the Program is not eligible..."

Every Design Star viewer knows that Martha McCully, one of the judges on the Design Star panel, is also an editor for InStyle, and that at least one of the prizes was provided by InStyle magazine. All of this suggests that Kim Myles may be ineligible to compete in Design Star.

Herman goes further by stating, "And, of course, I’d recommend rooting for Kim on Design Star!" No other contestant has been singled out in this manner or had the benefit of a recommendation from the official InStyle website.

Has an impropriety occurred? It begs these questions:

"Did Kim reveal to HGTV/Scripps Network her personal relationship with Herman?"

"Was Kim accepted as a contestant on Design Star because of her personal relationship with an InStyle senior editor?"

"Was Kim swept to the final 2 because of her personal relationship with the InStyle senior editor?"

What do you think? Would you like to get to the bottom of this?

Anonymous said...

I'm totally addicted to that show, and I'm not a reality show fan. As a designer, I find it riveting. I have been really shocked at how far Kim the hairdresser has progressed. She seems very sweet, but I'm still wondering how she remains week after week with very little strong evidence that she's a strong design presence. It would be disappointing to learn that she has connections that have kept her in the game. I'm afraid to say it.. but I think that the competition is tainted now, with that revelation. There is no way that the judge from In-Style does not know of her and her connections.

Having said all that.. Todd is just awesome. He's got such presence in general and would make an excellent host (which is half the battle). Last season's winner is quite talented, but his show is painful to watch because he doesn't have the on-air talent at all.