Monday, August 13, 2007

HGTV's new hottie is a SLO boy

Ok, after a little hiatus (my other job as online editor for kept me busy last week), I'm back with another slightly off-topic post.

I'm not one of those home show addicts, but I am a sucker for reality competition shows like Project Runway and Top Chef, and I recently got hooked on HGTV's "Design Star," in which designer-types compete for the chance to host their own show.

And lo and behold, the most interesting competitor on the new season, whose third episode aired Sunday night, is Todd Davis, a graduate of Cal Poly's College of Architecture and Environmental Design (even though he lives in San Francisco now).

He's a typical California boy, a thrill-seeking surfer-dreamer-adventurer who often works with his shirt off. It was clear he'd be a stand-out from the first episode, when the designers were challenged to design their living space and he built a skateboard quarter-pipe that plunges him into the pool, an often-played clip on promos for the show. The judges loved it, and he won Sunday's challenge with a room design featuring a wave that crashed into all the furniture (it's all about couch surfing, he said.)

It remains to be seen whether his, uh, very particular point of view will carry him through the more traditional design challenges, but he is definitely a fun one to watch.

Read his fun profile here then see a slideshow of photos.


Anonymous said...

yowza -- not bad, not bad at all.

you should have posted the picture where he's doing a one-handed handstand ... in his surf shirt and leather pants, no less! =P

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