Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The perfect scoop? For me it's two

It's tough sitting next to Dawn White -- a features and business reporter who writes many of the stories for Dining Out.

Last week, on a warm and sunny afternoon, she just had to go try out the gelato place in Avila Beach, and she just had to have other opinions, so I just had to go along. Rough life.

Now let me say I don't eat ice cream very often. I'm just not a real sweets person. Give me salty snacks any day. But when I was traveling in Italy, stopping in for a gelato during an evening stroll was a daily occurrence.

So I wondered, as we walked up to Gelato Americano on Avila's Front Street, would the experience stack up? And I have to say, for the most part it did. The flavors and textures of the dolce de leche and blood orange combination I indulged in were spot-on Italian style, if not exactly the same as being in Italy. And taking it out of the shop to amble along the Avila shorefront wasn't bad either. I just wished I could join the throngs enjoying a day at the beach instead of going back to work.

The staff at the shop were friendly, offering as many tastes of their dozens of flavors as we wanted, and knowledgeable, explaining the story and tradition behind all the varieties.

For me, a new Americano ritual in Avila may have begun. But don't take my word for it -- check out Dawn's story on the shop in today's Central Coast Living.

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