Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June in Sunset

Local folks probably won't find this a surprise, but Wild Horse's 2004 zinfandel ($17) was mentioned in the June issue of Sunset as one of a handful of great barbecue wines.

"Good acidity keeps the yummy mix of dark berries, pepper, herbs and mocha from going jammy," the magazine says.

The magazine, leaving shelves now as the July issue comes out, also has blurbs on Cambria Pines Lodge, lauding its lush grounds at peak bloom time, and Avila Beach's La Fonda Hotel, which the writer says has the same cozy charm as Avila itself and calls a paen to pleasurable detail, especially the 24-hour chocolate pantry.

Bob and Cary Woll's backyard in Los Osos is featured in a story on creating a great setting for outdoor dining. You can see it here.

Tomorrow, I'll take a peek at the July issue that just arrived in my mailbox.

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