Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Embarcadero boomlet

As the Avila Beach revival continues with a fresh face for summer, another of the county's coastal towns is adding new businesses for the tourist crowds.

Two restaurants, a wine-tasting room, an art gallery and a bakery are among the new businesses opening on the Morro Bay waterfront.

Embarcadero Grill, at 801 Embarcadero — the former location of the Fish Bowl Restaurant - is a barbecue fish and chips joint.

Looking for something other than seafood? Harry’s Rib Co. at 1154 Embarcadero is a new option.

Joining Morro Bay Wine Seller, Templeton-based Aron Hill Vineyard opened a tasting room that offers people the chance to sip wine while gazing at Morro Rock and the bay.

The John Landon Art Gallery at 845 Embarcadero, the second gallery for local artist John Landon, joins the art dealers along the waterfront.

And a mother-daughter-owned combination bakery-boutique will feature desserts from the the family’s traditional Sicilian recipes, shirts, specialty clothing, lingerie and hand-made jewelry.

You can read more about the Embarcadero boomlet here.

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