Thursday, April 26, 2007

Looking for something to do this weekend?

There's plenty to choose from.

A hot air balloon celebration takes to the skies in Paso Robles. It starts with a "balloon glow" Friday after dark, with three "big, beautiful giants" at the River Oaks Hot Springs and Spa. Early Saturday, there's a "mass ascension," with 13 balloons taking off shortly after sunrise. Should be a sight, even if you're just on the ground.

There's a new kite festival in Morro Bay Saturday following the annual Celebrate Morro Bay parade and Sunday.

There's the Cal Poly Wine Festival Saturday afternoon at the Santa Margarita Ranch.

There's been a nice swell in too, so you could just head to the beach with your surfboard.

And if you're in SLO, check out the newly re-opened Mo's Smokehouse BBQ.


Anonymous said...

The website says that the Balloon glow is on Sat night at 8pm. Do you know if it is both nights?

Anonymous said...

I check and you are right about the glow event being on Fri night. Their website hadn't been updated to reflect this yet.